Gabriels carom spec chart

Imperator V
Imperator V
Imperator V
Imperator V
Imperator X
Base-frame consists of 2 pedestals with 4 levelers each and a stretcher. Base-frame and aprons finished in a black wood grain laminate
Base-frame consists of 4 solid Granite base-legs and 2 steel pedestals with 2 levelers each. Body panels and aprons finished in 'Metallic Grey'.
Base-frame consists of 6 solid Granite legs with 1 leveler each. Bodypanels and aprons finished in 'Metallic Grey'.
Steel frame in HEB 100 x 100 mm profile, 18 levelling-points
Steel frame in HEB 100 x 100 mm profile, 27 levelling-points
Steel frame in UPN 100 x 50 mm profile, 24 levelling-points
Advanced heatingsystem, foil-type, 700 Watts, remote controlled thermostat
Advanced heatingsystem, foil-type, 1000 Watts, remote controlled thermostat
Converter for 110 volts applications
Gabriels rail-heating system compatible
Alumunium liner for rubber - support
Granite playingfield, 3 pieces, 50 mm
Granite playingfield, 3 pieces, 60 mm
Slate playingfield. 3 pieces, 60mm
Rail construction in wood-composite , 28 railbolts
Rail construction in wood-composite , 42 railbolts
HPL rail finish in Ebony, Cherry or Zebrano
HPL rail finish other than Ebony, Cherry or Zebrano
Dianite Plus rail finish
Kleber P 37 rubbers, quadrangular
Simonis 300 cloth, yellow-green, blue-green, Delsa-blue, Tournament-blue

= Standard

= Option

= Not available