Imperator V

Gabriels Kronos Caromtable

The latest edition of the famous Imperator, which made its first appearance in 1955. Since its introduction, the table has been chosen for numerous World championships and World cup events. It is also the table on which Eddy Merckx set his fabulous World record of 50 points in 6 innings; an average of 8,333! Imperator V has evolved out of 20 years experience with Imperator I and now incorporates a heavy-duty steel frame and an advanced heating-system.

Imperator V is available in following sizes:

  • 2100 x 1050 mm
  • 2300 x 1150 mm
  • 2540 x 1270 mm
  • 2840 x 1420 mm

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  • Features
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • 50 or 60 mm granite playing field
  • Gabriels advanced heating system
  • Kleber P37 rubbers
  • 300 Rapide cloth