Gabriels pooltable spec chart

9 foot
Base-frame consists of 4 solid Granite legs, a box-frame and 4 levelers. Box-frame and aprons finished in 'Satin-black'.
Fully dismountable steel frame equipped with 20 levelling-points.
3-piece slate, doweled, thickness 30 mm
3-piece slate, doweled, thickness 50 mm
Rail construction in wood-composite , 18 railbolts
Rail construction in wood-composite , 24 railbolts
Rail finish in Ebony, Cherry or Zebrano HPL
Rail finish other than Ebony, Cherry or Zebrano HPL
Rail finish in Diante Burgundy Red
Sentinel dedicated castings and trims in "Brushed Nickel"
Gabriels pocket liners
Astro Pro rubbers, quadrangular
Simonis 760 or 860 cloth, color at customers discretion.

= Standard

= Option

= Not available