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André Schickling




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When André was a young kid playing pool was always something special for him. He went to the local pool hall with his dad and they played for hours. Unfortunately while getting older, André lost the fascination for the game a bit and played only every couple of months – until it became even only once a year. He regrets that every day, because if you want to become really successful in something, you have to train hard from an early age.

Everything changed at the age of 23 when André heard that there are actually clubs where you can play with other players than your own dad. He got curious and decided to join. At that time André was more than a rookie. He only knew the game of 8-Ball and had heard a little bit about stop, follow and draw shots. Turns out joining that club was the best decision he ever made. From that day on pool got him again and never let go.

He started to learn more and more about the game and realized how complex and beautiful it really is. It’s so much more than just hitting balls and watching them flying all over the table. Eight years have elapsed since then. André is a successful pool teacher now and communicate the knowledge about pool in the videos on my successful YouTube channel and to over a hundred personal students.