player profile

Therèse Klompenhouwer


03 - 01 - 1983


5x World Championship Ladies winner | 1x World Championship Ladies silver | 11x European Championship Ladies winner | 16x Dutch Championship Ladies winner | 2x Ladies Cup winner | 1x Ladies Cup silver  | 2x Jennifer Shim international tournament winner | 1x Jennifer Shim international tournament silver


Her nickname is “the Queen”, because she is, indeed, female 3-cushion royalty. Most of the new talent may come from Korea, but the Dutch powerhouse still rules. In the Dutch and European championships, she holds a near-perfect record of 14 and 8 consecutive wins, and she shares the record of four world titles with Orie Hida from Japan.

Therèse does not only excel as a player; she is also one of the sports best ambassadors. Active in the Dutch, Belgian and German leagues, she has a huge fan base following her online. Her achievements and winsome personality have been a boost for women’s billiards everywhere.

As the Dutch say: “The list of male 3-cushion players who have never lost to a women, gets shorter and shorter.”