Gabriels has concentrated its recent efforts mostly on carom-tables, however, it is also a very well-respected pool-table constructor that impressed the pool-community over the years with the “Signature Pro”. Many of the top-pro players still prefer the “Signature Pro” over any other table when it comes to pure playability and quality of the playing-surface.

Since two years we initiated the development process of a new table and our house-pro’s “The KillerFillers” and Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann have done considerable work in helping us to develop an entirely new pocket-table: “Gryffon”.

The idea behind this project was to build, beyond any doubt, the very best pool table available in the market today; a solid stone base, a steel frame with 18 levelers, a heavy-duty Aluminum rail-assembly, combined with the unique Vector P59 cushions and the famous “Gabriels” pocket-liners. Pockets will be available as “League” and “Pro-cut”.

Color Options

More coming soon!