10. The Aluminum rail-system of Gryffon is based on the same principles as those of the very successful Rafale 2.0: a very stiff profile which guarantees perfect straightness and ideal support for the rubber cushion over the lifetime of the table.

11. Each table is equipped with Vector P59 cushions for a perfect rebound . These cushions are always installed by the same fitters to make sure that even the smallest deviations will be avoided. Pocket sizes are available as either “League-cut” or “Pro-cut”.

12. Sights are fitted in the powder-coated aluminum rail-inserts and have highly contrasting colors for enhanced visibility.

13. Corners are manufactured from aluminum and guarantee perfect alignment over the lifetime of the table. These are finished in “Brushed Nickel” but can be supplied in any color as per customers’ choice.

14. 8 apron-brackets make sure the connection between the rail-system and the aprons is solid and sturdy.